This year's freshly inducted employees are, to a man, lacking in concentration, and their sloppy work leaves me speechless.

This isn't the first time it's snowed in Boston on Christmas Day.

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The forecast calls for rain.


How long will it take for the mistake to be noticed?

Money doesn't just fall from the sky.

I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not.

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Everyone really enjoyed it.

How is the investigation's going?

Why did you repaint your house green?

The dog followed its master, wagging its tail.

2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation.

Autumn is just around the corner. It's about time the weather started cooling off.

At last, the bus company gave in.

Brian lives over the hill.

I've had a good time so far.

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In addition, we are looking for an consultant who can assist us in leveraging their expertise of the market to acquire product from manufacturers in the area.

Vijay and Blayne gave exactly the same answers on the test which made the teacher suspicious.

I think it's about time we started to believe Leora.

I leave here at ten-thirty next Sunday.

The pain is something I'll never forget.

We had to cooperate with each other.

Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 and became the first woman in space.

Do you have something to make this headache go away?

I just want to get home safe and sound.

That's not the truth.

She isn't so green as to say so.

You must keep up a good relationship with your neighbors.

Klaudia isn't going to mind.

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I honestly don't care.


Due to this a lot of time was lost, it's possible that if it wasn't for this accident the final stage of the race would have been better.

Nobody's seen me.

My great-granduncle's doctor advised him to adopt a low sodium diet.


I didn't want to tell Vaughn about this.

Darryl is a salesman, not a doctor.

Everything is great.

We were in a state of incredible weakness.

She was fired on the grounds that she was often absent.

Why can't you ask her for forgiveness?

He is a total stranger to me.


You seem quite pleased with yourself.


It's an esoteric debate.

Edmond wasn't really paying close attention.

Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.

I'm not about to argue with you - you're drunk.

The interview was recorded on video and shared all over the Internet.

Your house needs repairing.

Trying to figure out how this software works is a pain in the neck.

Erik has been sedated.

I know those tall girls quite well.


I was scared of what people would think.

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I just got married.

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Tell Miriamne I'm coming back.


It's estimated that, over our lifetime, we spend up to six months standing in queues.

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Would you mind if I wait here?


It just goes on forever.

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Pardon me, but that is my racket.

Marla's only been a widower for six months.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now we will start the movie.


Vicki is just a little bit shorter than Ramsey.

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"Get rid of it, of course!" answered the farmer.

Flowers grow in warm countries

That was the subject of my dissertation.

You can take either road to get to the park.

I could have picked a better time.


Maybe it'll work.


Vick used to be easygoing.

Lola abhors Salim's smoking.

Why is my dad in the kitchen?


The number of temporary workers has almost tripled since 2003.

We have some, but not nearly enough.

How would you like it if Dominic did that to you?

Murthy has three kids now.

He put the ring on Hillary's finger.

He had to stand in line at the ticket office.

Luke must've gone home already.

Brender owns a very profitable company.

Staying up late is harmful to your health.


Margaret, whose father you met last Sunday, is a very good tennis player.

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My mother had been cooking supper for two hours when I got home.

You should put your coat on.

Which one's the new one?

Can you program in C?

I wanted to see you again.


A black and white dog bit me.

I've misjudged you.

We got the job done on time.

We need to come to an agreement.

By the way, I saw Mongo last night.

He could not take effective measures.

Kenneth knows them all.

My aunt gave me a book for Christmas.

We chaired the meeting democratically.


She keeps her hair long.


Andrea actually figured it out by himself.

Gabriel said he didn't feel safe.

Nicolette sat alone.


They don't owe me anything.

Is this engine functional?

Rise and shine.


I think you should be the one to tell Ilya he's fired.

Summer begins early in my country.

I'd like to see him tomorrow afternoon.

One should be considerate about things and considerate of people.

I was really flabbergasted when I heard the news from Jane.

Can you help Kelly look after the place?

I have a leaky faucet.

It was my fault that they came late.

Would you like me to stay?


They moved here two years ago.

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight.

I feel a lot closer to Joon now.


That's not my real name.

You aren't as short as I am.

He appealed to the judge for mercy.

The herb used in that pasta sauce might be parsley.

That should do the trick.


At night, she gazed at the moon.

Where is Bea working now?

That would be terribly disappointing.

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June is much fatter than Sandeep.


Tollefsen quietly left the room.

I'm afraid you're wasting your time.

You need to apologize to them.

I should read the book.

It can be very hard to tell the difference between crazy people and misunderstood people. But of course, everything is all just a matter of opinion with varying degrees of evidence or no evidence at all.

Micheal wasn't able to do it.

Happy birthday, Ernie!

Don't forget to bring bug spray.

All we can do is wait.

Sriram is a little too old for me.

Tell them we'll be ready.

I think that would've been fascinating.

I made you a sandwich.

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She put the key in her pocket.


When are you going on summer vacation?


What's Agatha doing in the kitchen?

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I am familiar with the piano.

We blew up a huge rock with dynamite.

The chapter on the Russian Revolution really blew me away.


I didn't have a chance.

Can you see how it works?

Lisa knows what he wants to say.

That's a really good idea.

We aided him with money.


It's well worth the trouble.

Are you going to eat at home or go out?

We have made many mistakes.


She introduced her sister to him more than two years ago.

I'm afraid of not finishing it in time.

Which language would you prefer to use?


I have come to realize that China is developing quickly but the Chinese people live a relatively leisurely life.

Spyros has denied the allegations.

Hirotoshi complained that his room was too small.

They could see nothing.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

There is a small brown dog under that table.

Annie never got the chance to do that, did he?


Shame on the age and on its principles! The senate is aware of these things; the consul sees them; and yet this man lives. Lives!